Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions that have been asked or might be asked.  We know, the site should be so spot that no one has questions, but hey, we are realists.  We are also including things you might complain about and are answering them in advance.  Great service, right :).

Why is the FREE plan so limited?

It is really not that limited when you look at the features you get.  The main one is access to any of the Global Domain we offer.  The free plan offers social account icons at no additional cost unlike some of our competitors.

Global Domains vs Custom Domains

Global domains are ones we offer and own.

Custom domains are ones you own/control and point to us so you can use our system in the backend and no one will know.

What link types does a BioLink page support?

Currently, all users on the Basic Plus plan and above include the following link types and/or embeds on their BioLink page:

What forms of payment do you accept?


Why does my profile image look like total crap?

Hmm. The profile picture, avatar, is inserted into a square place holder so there is distortion if the image you use is not square.  There are sites you can crop your image to a square.  We have our own image editing page on PersonalWeb.Link for you to use to customize your profile picture.

Click HERE to access the image editor.

Font-not-so-awesome . . . Do you have "How to"?

Try this - Font Awesome Help


Last updated on: 20 October, 2020