Font Awesome Help

Why is it such a pain in the *** to use those icons?

It is really not that hard.  We wanted you to be able to use any of the free ones so we did not create a drop down selector and limit your choices.  Use this guide.  It really is not too difficult.

Go to the Font Awesome free gallery website.

Find an icon you like.  When you mouse over it the icon will expand and turn blue.

Click the icon.  The icon info page will come up.

In this example, you are wanting the code fas fa-bicycle. You can type it if you want or, if you are afraid you will make a typo like us, you can do the following.

You can get it by clicking the code to copy the HTML, paste it, and delete the parts you do not need.

If you did this method you will get <i class="fab fa-bicycle"></i> so you would need to delete the parts highlighted in red.

That is it!  Not to bad, plus you learned something new.  Bonus.

Last updated on: 7 October, 2020