Setting Up Your Links

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The first think you need to do is Create a Project.

A project can manage multiple PersonalWebLink pages and shortened links. Think of it like a container.  We recommend giving it a name that represents the items in the container.  It could be a campaign, your personal project, etc.

When you first log into your dashboard, you will see that you do not have any projects.  Click either the create project button or the create one now link to create one.

This dialog box will pop up.

Give your project a name and click create.  Remember, this will contain your PersonalWebLink pages and shortened links.  Think of an overall name so you know what is inside.

After you create your project, you will be taken to the project page right away.  It will look like this.

You have successfully created a project.  Now you are ready to set up PersonalWebLink pages or short links inside your project.

Set up a PersonalWebLink Page

A PersonalWebLink page is the page you will use to consolidate the links to your online social media accounts in addition to external links that are important to you.  You can embed some content as well.

There are two ways to create your PersonalWebLink page.

Both methods will trigger the PersonalWebLink dialog box.

PLEASE be smart about what you pick for "your-custom-alias".  Most will use their name, band name, business name, etc.  THIS IS YOUR PAGE link so be wise.  If you blatently hijack a name that should really belong to someone else, the page will be deleted.

Once this is complete, you will be taken to your PersonalWebLink page dashboard and can begin customizing your page.

Set up Short Links

Shorts links are like, but cooler since they fit into your personal links page URL for consistency.

When you are in your project dashboard, click the create button and select Link to create short links.

This dialog box will pop up.

Enter the appropriate information and click Shorten url.  Please do not hijack potential PersonalWebLink page names using the short URL feature.  We have a very low tolerance for bad behavior. (edit: We had to mitigate this by forcing a hyphen at the beginning of short links)


If your account type includes statistics, you will have access to information on your PersonalWebLink pages in addition to your shortlinks.

Last updated on: 8 October, 2020